A unique way to relax, a floatation tank or sensory deprivation tank helps to relieve stress, ease muscle pain and tension, and improve mood.

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$65 - 60 Minutes
$85 - 90 Minutes
$175 - 3 floats
$330 - 6 floats
$450 - 9 floats

Relax Even More

Massage Before

Getting a massage before your float will enhance the level of relaxation you achieve during your float.

Massage After

Getting a massage after your float will enhance the level of relaxation you achieve during your massage.


Extend your relaxation with a session in the sauna.


Another great relaxing option to add on to a float is a facial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a float tank?

It looks like a large enclosed bathtub. Ours is built from fiberglass and is designed to block out all external distraction such as sight, sound, and gravity.

The water temperature is heated to the same temperature as your skin (94 F). Once you are settled it is almost impossible to tell which of your body parts are in the water and which aren't. This will trick your brain into thinking that you are floating in midair.

The buoyancy created by the Epson-salt solution effectively removes the effect of gravity on your body. This will make you feel weightless, letting every single muscle in your body fully relax. 

What are the benefits of a float tank?

Floating has so many benefits! To start, it is relaxing, but that is just the beginning. Floating can reduce anxiety, help with depression, relieve stress, increase immune health, improve sleep, aid in muscle recovery, and boost creativity.

The same Epson-salt, which is magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), the creates the buoyancy effect, adds to the benefits of floating. Magnesium is necessary for every cell in the body. Many health problems are associated with a deficiency of magnesium. These include bone/joint pain, depression/anxiety, hair loss, heart attacks, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, and virtually all chronic and autoimmune disorders.*

What do I wear to go in a float tank?

A clean birthday suit! To fully enjoy the benefits of float therapy going in the nude is suggested. 

What should I expect for my first float?

Before your float someone will walk you through the whole process.


It is important to shower before and after a float session. Showering before floating ensures there are no products on your body that could harm the salt balance in the water. Taking a shower after you float ensures the removal of the salt before you put your clothes back on.

You will be provided a bathing cap, ear plugs, a small towel, a light and a Bluetooth speaker for use inside the tank. The bathing cap (marked A in the photo) is optional but a good idea if you have recently colored hair or are worried about the salt water drying out your hair. Ear plugs (B) are definitely encouraged. They will keep the salt water from going in your ears and leaving salt residue behind. The small towel (C) is kept conveniently close by inside the pod so you can wipe your face and eyes in the event that some salt water gets in your eye. The light (D) is for your use getting in and out of the tank and if you feel you need some light to be more comfortable. Finally the Bluetooth speaker (E) is used to signal the end of your float so you don't have to worry about the time. If you would like to play music softly during your float you may and the volume will be increased at the end of your float to let you know it is time to exit the tank.

*Disclaimer: Results from using a float tank vary. We do not guarantee specific results or claim it treats, cures or prevents any disease or medical condition.